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Hi, I'm Rowan!

My love of photography was instilled at an early age. I grew up using a Minolta X-700 film camera that my grandfather gifted my father when he was young. I went on to attend college for photography & graphic design, which I now use to tell stories & capture those incredibly small, yet powerful moments of hope.


My grandfather, Ernie, was a pivotal figure in my childhood. In addition to photography, we were sports fans together & shared a deep love & appreciation for nature, which ended up saving my life. Whenever I capture a beautiful scene or a new animal species I always think of him & know he is proud.

Through my photographs I hope to inspire others to keep going, to hold onto those little moments that all too often go unnoticed. Through all of life's messy moments, we all need time to breathe & sit in awe of all the beauty this world has to offer- be it from the perspective of a bird, a blooming flower or even the silent roar of a waterfall photograph.

Thank you for supporting my passion to explore & share my moments with the world!


Meet the rest of my crew

This is a thank you to my little crew for supporting me every step of the way. Each of these photos were taken on our many adventures & I truly couldn't have done this without them.

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